Nowadays Pokemon Go has become probably the biggest thing that has happened to the world in the last century. We have here a handful of useful tips you can use to become the very best!

First of all, you need to be careful when looking for Pokemon Go tips on the Internet. Try to get your information from real websites instead of trusting some random picture that appeared on a social network. A lot of people will share fake Pokemon tips just to get more likes and shares.

Now grab your pokeballs and get ready for the real Pokemon Go tips you probably have not heard before:

egg-hatch-pokemon-go1- Hatch Your Pokemon Eggs Properly

Notice that the eggs will NOT hatch if you walk with the app closed. Also, since the most recent update, moving at a greater speed than 12 MPH (20KPH) will not count at all.

2- Don’t Trust the “Rustling Leaves”

You might see these leaves when looking at your phone screen. These marks are locations where a Pokemon MIGHT be. It is not always accurate, sometimes it is not worth it travel all that way if it is not guaranteed.

3- How to Get an Excellent Catch

When throwing a pokeball to catch a Pokemon, you probably have noticed the messages Nice!, Great!, and Excellent!. These come along with bonus experience.

In order to get the Excellent catch, your green circle needs to be almost near the center and your ball must hit inside that circle. With some practice, you will become an expert catching Pokemon like a true master trainer.

4- Difference Between Incense and Lure Module

When you place a Lure Module, all the trainers in the area will be able to see it and they will all see the same attracted Pokemon.

The Incense will only attract the Pokemon to you and even if there are other trainers near you, they will not see those attracted by your item.

5- Catching Pokemon With High CPhigh-cp-pokemon

Sadly the CP of an encountered Pokemon is entirely random for each player. However, a higher trainer level will give you a higher chance to find Pokemon with elevated CP.

6- Can You Pick Up Thrown Pokeballs?

The answer to this common question is simply a NO. Sadly this is one of the myths created by social media. Once you throw your Pokeball it is gone forever. Keep in mind that you can always visit a PokeStop near you to get some more.

7- Catch Even More Pokemon!

pokemon go tips turn off ar

One great way to greatly improve your catching rate is to turn off the AR Camera. This will show the encountered Pokemon in a virtual environment so it will not move around you while you try to catch it.

I agree that this takes away some of the fun in the game but it will increase a lot your chances to catch any Pokemon. This tip is especially recommended at higher levels when the Pokemon start dodging and blocking your pokeballs.