Original, cool and beautiful. These are the best words to describe this unique pokeball belt buckle. You have never seen another belt buckle like this one.


The material is resistant and amazing, the colors are really vibrant. You can see the resemblance of a real pokeball in this magnificent pokeball product.

The pokeball belt buckle that we have for you today is not another handmade piece of wood that you probably have seen in some other website.

As always, we make an effort to bring you just top quality pokeball related products for sale. But one thing is certain, you need to hurry up to get one of these Pokemon belt buckles because they run out of stock really fast!

This belt buckle is not plastic, as you can see in the pictures above, it is made from solid cast of zinc making it resistant. With a chrome finish that make it shine. It has a raised design that makes it resemble even more to a real pokeball.

The only thing that we did not like very much is the 3 inches diameter. It makes the pokeball belt buckle perfect for belts measuring one or even two inches. But some girls use thinner belts and it doesn’t look so great in that case.

Features of the Pokeball Belt Buckle

This fantastic pokeball product has an approximate weight of six ounces, making it really comfortable to wear.

Even though the Pokeball Belt Buckle is a unisex product, we recommend this one in particular only for men, because of its size.

But remember that you also can use it as a pokeball accessory to decorate some other things such as your backpack, messenger bag or just hang it in your room with the rest of your Pokemon collection. The decision is yours! Just remember to get it fast before it runs out of stock again!

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