A complete adventure is not full if you don’t have all Pokemon action figures. It is possible now with the bundle that we have brought to you today.


Collecting all the different Pokemon has never been an easier task. You will not even need any pokeball to do this now! Thanks to this excellent price you will easily catch all 144 Pokemon figurines for your collection.

It is great to have Pokemon figures to play with or to collect and display in a fantastic pose. Sometimes the price of these figurines becomes a little high and it won’t allow us to acquire them all as fast as we want.

You don’t have to worry anymore. Because with this action figure bundle you are going to get a total of 144 different Pokemon action figures!

You are not going to believe this great deal that you have been missing. Everyone would be excited to receive a large and fantastic set like this one.

Imagine the face of a kid that just arrives from school and sees all these new Pokemon toy figures arranged on his bed or desk waiting for him!

The action toys that you are getting from this bundle are:

  • Built with high quality PVC.
  • Professionally painted with vibrant colors.
  • About 1.5cm to 2.5cm high (depending on the Pokemon design).
  • Randomly picked! This means you could double the size of your collection easily!

Get All Pokemon Action Figures Today!

Dozens of people have already grabbed this amazing deal. You can take a look at all the positive reviews of satisfied customers.

People not only use these Pokemon figures to play. They also find them an amazing gift or pieces of decoration.

This 144-pc Pokemon Figurine Set is perfect for a Pokemon themed party!

Imagine the surprise and excitement of the kids when they receive a pokeball with a different Pokemon inside.

You could also make a DIY pokeball pinata and fill it with candies and some of these figurines.

The possibilities are as endless as your creativity. Make the choice now to make a Pokemon trainer around you really happy with this bundle.

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