You probably already know that Charmander is one of the most amazing Pokemon of all times! Get ready to train your own with this new Charmander pokeball. With this, you will be ready to face any battle with one of the most powerful and popular Pokemon.

charmander-pokeballThe Charmander pokeball is one of the top trending pokeball products that we have, as this is one loved character from the game and series.

This fire dragon will be your winning choice for battle, one of the most popular and probably the best choice as a starter Pokemon of the first generation.

This fire lizard will be your best companion in your Pokemon trainer journey ready to help you and face any possible challenge, just remember to be careful with the water type Pokemon around.

They can be a serious hazard for this fire Pokemon.

This pokeball has amazing features for you

  • It includes a 2-inch figure of the awesome Pokemon Charmander.
  • It includes a belt clip so you can attach it to your clothes or costume and look just like a real Pokemon Trainer.
  • It includes also a Battle Tag that will help you win any battle against other trainers.
  • You can carry around your Pokemon inside of the pokeball with its open action button!

Don’t Go Out Without Your Charmander Pokeball

Although this is a pokeball toy we don’t encourage you to throw it around as it is made of thin plastic and you might break it.

This could be an excellent accessory for cosplayers and an excellent way to carry around your other Pokemon toys.

If you are looking for a great toy for a kid, this is probably your best choice. you can get your own Charmander Toy With Pokeball at for a reasonable price.

You can also check out the fantastic reviews that this pokeball toy has and the success that it has as a gift for young childs! Get yours now before they run out of stock for this Christmas.

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