One of the most practical ways to show the world your love for the Pokemon world is with a pokeball sticker. Because stickers are a cheap, colorful and personal way to demonstrate what you like or are passionate about. Never forget that the pokeball is the main symbol of the Pokemon franchise.


Every Pokemon trainer will be able to recognize you as one of them if you are using something personalized with this awesome sticker.

There are websites that are able to sell you a pokeball sticker. Some are great and colorful. Others are personalized to the type of pokeball that you like the most. They are pretty amazing because they are easy to use and can last for even years depending on the material you put them on.

Here we recommend you not to buy any of the pokeball stickers that you might see around the web.

This is because making your own stickers is easier than you might think. Everything you need is a piece sticker project paper, the image that you want on the sticker and any printer, color or black ink depending on the picture you want for your pokeball sticker.

Make Your Own Pokeball Sticker

The only thing you need to do is to put the sticker project paper in your printer, just like any regular piece of paper and just proceed to print the picture that you want.

After the ink is completely dry, you then cut the picture to remove the excess of paper that you did not use.

Depending on your printer, it might have some configurations to change the type of paper that you are using, this will give you better quality for your pokeball sticker.

But if you are not into computers then do not worry about it, the quality change is not very significant. Using the sticker paper just like your regular paper will do the work for this personalized project.