This is the best pokeball bracelet made especially for a beautiful Pokemon trainer, in this bracelet you can appreciate the colorful variety of all the different pokeballs that you can imagine. This is one of the best pokeball accessories that you will be able to find anywhere, do not miss this chance to get yours.


The bracelet features a selection of fourteen different pokeball charms. All of them are hand painted and with the design of the different pokeballs of the games and series. These pokeball charms are surely eye-catching and the perfect choice for someone who is a Pokemon fan.

The pokeball bracelet looks very pretty and is made of silvertone. There are some other websites that offer you a custom bracelet. They provide you a list of the different pokeball types and you get to choose which ones would you like to include in your bracelet.

The Greatest Gift for a Trainer: The Pokeball Bracelet

This piece of pokeball jewelry is meant to be used by the ladies. They just love it as it is a cute and beautiful accessory that with the colorful variety. Allows them to combine it with a wide range of outfits.

The best thing about this accessory is probably the quality of the hand painted pokeballs. You can appreciate the details of these pokeball charms.

Everyone is going to love this bracelet. Even if the girl is not a Pokemon fan, the variety of charms on this bracelet make it really attractive and  comfortable to wear.

Unfortunately we don’t have a provider for you this time. If you decide to contact someone else who dedicates to make this customized pokeball bracelet we recommend you, as always, to be careful with your order.

Be sure to ask all the questions that you might have about the payment, shipping and placement of the order.

Some of these providers take even weeks to be able to deliver a single bracelet, we are not saying that it is a bad thing, just something that you should ask or consider before placing your order.