This is your chance to get the original Pokemon Substitute plush at a really low price so you can dodge your problems. You are going to love this adorable replica of the original doll from the video game.

large pokemon substitute plush for saleIf you are a Pokemon trainer then you must already be familiar with the Substitute doll. It appears to take the damage for you when you are in trouble. You just need to call it using the Pokemon attack of the same name.

You don’t need a real pokeball to catch this adorable creature as it is not actually a Pokemon. It is known as the popular “scapegoat” in the game.

There are many theories of which Pokemon is actually represented with this doll but there isn’t an accurate opinion.

Adorable Whimsicott Pokemon Substitute Plush

Here is an adorable stuffed animal that you will just love. It doesn’t matter if you are not into the Pokemon world. The cute eyes and smile on this dragon plushie make you just want to hug it!

The Substitute Plush Doll is sold by Whimsicott and can be found in two different sizes. Our favorite is the 12 inches plushie that looks like a real giant by the side of the other 5 inches model.

Some trainers choose to get them both, one to have in the house along with their collection and the other carry around in the car. A wonderful idea in case you are a truly dedicated Pokemon trainer.

Many Pokemon fans who have bought this Pokemon Substitute plush for sale claim that it has been specially designed to snuggle with!

It is perfect to show your Pokemon pride, this has been an important symbol of the game since the first generation!

You can just see by the pose of this doll that it is expecting you to hug it!

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