Decorate almost anything with the fantastic pokeball patch. This cool and original patch is perfect to give a personal touch to your belongings.

pokeball-patchDuring my life, I have used a variety of different patches, but not like this pokeball patch. I just love the colors and the sturdy material of it. It is a perfect way to fix clothes or as a poke-fan decoration.

The pokeball patch is perfect to give a personal style to your pillows, pants or backpacks. It is an ideal addition to your pokeball collection or even if you are a patch collector. This is a rare product that you would love to have.

What is the Best Part of This Pokeball Patch?

What we love the most about this patch is that it is 100% iron-on to any garment. It will just take a little amount of heat to paste it to your clothes.

Of course, you can also sew it on if you have the skill to have it firmly gripped to your cloth. It will look like an amazing accessory for your Pokemon clothes. The perfect badge for a true trainer.

The diameter of this pokeball patch is of three inches or 7.5cm. While you are using this embroiled iron on pokeball patch you don’t have to worry about washing.

This patch is machine washable and dry clean safe. Turning it into a very convenient patch to choose.

On the downside, the pokeball patch is a really hot product. The bad thing is that is kind of hard to find in the stores or online.

It is usually unavailable or out of stock.

But once you get one of these Pokemon patches, you are just going to love them. Try to catch a few of these if you find them on stock one of these days.

We will try to find for you the best source to get yours. This is a pokeball accessory that you can’t possibly miss.