The pokeball necklace is one of the most wanted pokeball jewelry that you will find. This silver necklace is one beautiful piece of art we must say.

pokeball-necklaceYou have probably seen before some fan-made pokeball stuff that may look original and interesting but they lack the quality that sometimes you are looking for.

This is one fine piece of Pokemon jewelry made by professionals.

Maybe you have already seen some Pokemon jewelry, the problem that most people find with fan related stuff is that it is too colorful or the materials are too cheap.

Sometimes you want something well-made and elegant. Sometimes you want something that is not fashion jewelry. Sometimes you just want this amazing pokeball necklace.

This pokeball pendant is made of 925 silver and it has a gemstone in the center. You can notice the polish and the quality by just looking at the picture. This is just the perfect gift for Anime fans who love Pokemon

Beautiful Pokeball Necklace For Sale

Here we have for you the features of this beautiful pokeball necklace, you will find that this is not just another prop pokeball or toy. This is a genuine piece of jewelry.

  • It is made of 975 quality silver.
  • High Quality Studio Made
  • This pendant has a size of 16 * 14mm.
  • Original white and red colors from the Anime.
  • It includes one pendant and one leather chain.
  • Amazing and fair price.

The pokeball necklace pendant is just the perfect gift for these holidays.

Give this gift to that special person to show that you care about her interests. It means so much for the other person when you show that you care.

An original gift will always beat the one that three other friends received, don’t you think?

As we mentioned before, the Pokeball Necklace usually includes a leather chain. You might want to replace the chain with another one made of silver.

This will make your gift even more beautiful and special. You can also put this cute necklace around a Pokemon plush to make it an even more amazing and meaningful gift.

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