Feel like a true pokemon master with this Pokedex replica from the Kalos region. It feels just like having the real device in your hand to scan all the different pokemon in the world.

pokedex-sale-kalos-toyAs you can see from the picture, this Pokedex is a true replica from the one that you can see in the Pokemon XY anime.

The futuristic design shows how the pokemon world has evolved during all the years.

This is a device carried by all the pokemon trainers in the world. This digital device gives you all the information that you need about all the different pokemon.

Just turn on the device and scan the Pokemon so you can obtain all the information from it. Using the Pokedex is like carrying a book or an encyclopedia with all the essential information for any trainer.

Kalos Pokedex Toy Review

The Kalos version of the Pokedex is the most recent one. It is the only Pokedex programmed with the data of all the different Pokemon.

Here are a couple of things that you need to know about the Kalos Region Pokedex Toy sold by Amazon.com for less than twenty dollars.

  • The design is just fantastic, really loyal to the anime series.
  • This Pokemon toy does not actually show data about your Pokemon. It is only to pretend that you are scanning them.
  • It works great with your pokemon figurines.
  • It has electronic sound effects, multicolor lights, and physical mode transformation. Just as you see it on TV!
  • It works with 3 AAA batteries included in the toy.

We recommend this pokemon trainer’s Pokedex from the Kalos region mostly to kids. You need to use your imagination if you want to enjoy this toy to the fullest.

It is a device that has featured in the cartoon from the very beginning. The complete Pokemon electronic encyclopedia containing all the important information about each one of the different Pokemon in the world.

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