Surprise all your friends with this pair of pokeball contact lenses for sale. The realistic and amazing colors will get everyone shocked.

Contact lenses are an awesome way to show what you like to the world in an original way. However, a lot of people are afraid to wear them.


The pokeball contact lenses are not different from any other colored eye lenses. They just have a unique and original design. Just think about it for a moment: When was the last time you saw somebody in the streets wearing these cool lenses?

A lot of anime fans who enjoy doing cosplay are used to wear contact lenses of a color that matches to their favorite characters.

Where Can I Buy These Pokeball Contact Lenses?

Probably this is the most common question asked by our readers. Sadly they are not available on the market anymore.

A few months ago you could buy this pokeball product at but soon after they ran out of stock. The contact lenses were discontinued from the market.

However, there is still a way to get your personal pokeball contact lenses. The only thing you need to do is to contact a professional website that makes custom contact lenses.

You can try contacting the support team of It is a website dedicated to selling custom made contact lenses. It is always a great idea to work directly with professionals in the field. Especially if it is about your vision.

They can make almost any design that you need and they also work only using the top-rated brands of lenses. Quality should be the number one priority when looking for any kind of lenses. Poor quality contacts could cause permanent damage to your vision.

It is possible to buy your pokeball contact lenses with or without graduation. That way you can replace your glasses and show off your new and awesome Pokemon trainer contacts.