Pokemon Umbreon Hoodie – Coolest Jacket Ever!

Thanks to this Umbreon hoodie you can also become a true Pokemon. Grab them while they last because these hoodies run out of the shelves pretty quickly.

Umbreon is considered as one of the most popular Pokemon in the world. It is also of the favorited Eevee evolutions.

If Pokemon were real in this world, I’m sure that a lot of trainers would choose Umbreon as their main companion.

In fact, thanks to the latest update of the Pokemon Go app you can actually choose Umbreon as your best companion!

Umbreon Hoodie With Ears For Sale!

Now it is possible to get your unisex Pokemon hoodie with ears by Datangep in 4 different sizes!

This beautiful black-colored hoodie has the yellow spot circles of the iconic Pokemon Umbreon. Although it is also available with the circles in light blue color to represent the shinny version.

The most appealing thing on this hoodie for the cold weather are the realistic ears.

You can find a lot of different Pokemon hoodies for sale but only a few of them have these ears on the hood and a tail on the back. They are adorable and a lot more captivating.

umbreon hoodie with ears for sale

This Umbreon jacket is made of 100% polar fleence, one of the best matherials for winter clothes. It has a zipper closure for added comfortability and two front pockets.

You don’t have to worry about keeping your Pokemon Umbreon Hoodie clean as it is entirely safe for machine wash. That way it will be ready to be worn during the whole winter.

The Pokemon hoodies are also excellent as props for cosplays. Best friends tend to use them together in Gaming related events.

It is also popular among couples who share the love for the Pokemon world. One of them is dressed as a trainer and the other as a Pokemon companion.

So what are you waiting for? Log in to your Amazon.com account and order one today. This is an item that you just can’t miss for your collection.