If you already have a nice belly, the best you can do is to show your passion for the pokeball belly ring. Nothing will show confidence and sexiness like this.

pokeball-belly-button-ringThis isn’t just like any other belly ring that you can find on the market. Because this one is personalized to suit your Pokemon trainer style.

The most popular model of the pokeball belly ring is one of the classic and standard pokeball. Easily recognized all over the world.

But there are some girls who like to use another kind of pokeball that matches with the outfit or only their favorite type of ball.

There are more than forty different types of pokeballs and of course you are free to choose the one that you like the most to wear in your pokeball belly ring.

Become a Sexy Pokemon Trainer With the Pokeball Belly Ring

Another great model that you can find for the pokeball belly ring is one of a classic pokeball with a cute pendant of a Pokemon. Pikachu is one of the favorites for these Pokemon belly button rings.

The materials of the Pokemon Belly Ring are great and of course safe to wear. Some girls take the step to create their own pokeball belly button rings.

They just take a regular red, or white, belly ring and paint it. You can use nail polish to create easy and cool personal designs.

Just remember to cover it with colorless polish to give them that awesome shiny look.

Decide to wear the pokeball belly ring and show to the people around you that you are not like anyone else.

Show your passion in a special and sexy way. Show that you are ready to catch them all. You have a Pokemon trainer within you and you shouldn’t be afraid to show it.

If you decide to make your own Pokemon belly ring, we recommend you to take a look to our tutorial on how to make pokeball earplugs, there you can find the basis to make great pieces of pokeball jewelry.