Are you tired of the regular rainbow-colored beach ball? Then you should try the pokeball beach ball! The perfect toy to catch the fun at the pool or the beach.

pokeball-beach-ballWhen it comes to battle the boredom, a beach ball is always a great solution to this problem. How many crowds have been entertained with a beach ball waiting for a show to begin?

How many days of fun have you spent on the beach playing with a beach ball? What if I tell you that you can make it even better with this pokeball beach ball! The perfect water toy for the Pokemon trainer within you.

This Pokemon toy is a classic pokeball beach ball of 40 cm. Just the perfect size to have a great time for all ages. The inflatable pokeball that we have for you today might be a little overpriced compared to a regular beach ball but if you consider the fun that you will get with the most original ball around, it is totally worth it.

Get Ready for a Fun Time With the Pokeball Beach Ball

You will find this pokeball toy by clicking on the picture above, it is available in the classic and iconic colors of the regular pokeball. Red on top and white bellow, the symbol of a true Pokemon trainer.

Use your trainer’s mind to make up the most amazing beach games with this unique beach ball.

A Pokeball Beach Ball this unique deserves to be played in a unique way that only a true Pokemon master can create. Are you ready for this challenge?

Consider adding this wonderful piece to your collection and do it now even if it is a little offseason.

They just flew out of the stock when the summer time comes. So get yours now and make a combo with a pokeball bikini or a pokeball bra for your perfect and sexy pokeball summer costume.

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