Unique Pokeball Headphones!

The PokeRap beat has never sound better! Try these awesome pokeball headphones if you love music and have a pokemaster heart then they are a must have for you. This colorful and fantastic headset is something that you cannot miss.

Of course you love music! Everybody likes some kind of music and if you are here that means that Pokemon is/was an important part in your life.

Whether you want to bring back the memories from an awesome childhood or just show the world around you what your passion is, the pokeball headphones are just perfect for you.

This is an awesome pair of headphones that feature an open acoustic system with a frequency response of 20 – 20000 Hz. They are totally hand painted with the best high quality paint available, you can notice by looking at the vibrant colors on it.

The full specifications of this device are similar to the ones of the Philips SHP1900. In fact, this model of headphones is used by lots of artists around the world as they are easily customizable.

Rock Your World With Pokeball Headphones!


The noise cancelling pokeball headphones have a cable length of 6 feet, this will allow you to use them freely around your house or the street or even while working out.

You can connect them to any of your devices such an iPod, iPad, Mp4 player, cellphone, PC, etc.pokeball headphones sale

This quality makes them perfect to be used anywhere and by anyone.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get this pair of Pokeball Headphones for your collection.

The pokeball headphones make a perfect gift to anyone who is into the Pokemon world. As you already know, the pokeball is the main symbol of this awesome franchise.

No matter if this is meant to be for a boy or girl, man or woman. Everyone will just love this unique and vivid music device. You will never find anything like this!